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What Is an epoxy garage floor?

Epoxies are a class of polymers and pre-polymers. When mixed with certain hardeners, they form a thermosetting polymer with incredible mechanical properties.
It’s important to understand that epoxy is a form of plastic and not another type of concrete. However, it is extremely tough compared to ordinary plastics.

We endured the utilitarian gray surface with scratches, cracks, and stains for years. It was just a space where vehicles were parked, so we didn’t worry about spills and other imperfections. 

That is no longer the case for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Garages are increasingly recognized as an extension of homes and business—a part that also requires care and attention.

Epoxy flooring is a popular solution to old concrete floors. Within just 2-3 days, you can enjoy a new floor with a design that suits your taste or brand identity. The smooth and seamless finish of epoxy can easily make your garage look more professional. Contact Epoxy Flooring Oceanside for more information.

Epoxy Floor Benefits for Your Garage

Low Maintenance

Epoxy creates a seamless surface, meaning you don’t have to re-grout every few years. It is also soothing to the eyes to see a unified surface. An epoxy floor could be what you need to make the garage look more organized. Additionally, this type of flooring is non-porous, which means it won’t stain due to grease, cleaners, mechanical fluids, etc.


When the resin and hardener combine, a chemical reaction that occurs. This reaction is called “crosslinking,” which creates a highly-durable thermoplastic. Epoxy flooring can withstand great pressure from extreme temperatures, heavy traffic, and chemical spills. Because it bonds firmly with the base concrete, it doesn’t chip, peel, or crack easily. You can roll vehicles in and out of the garage without worrying about damaging the epoxy flooring.


One of the best things about epoxy is its versatility. You can use it to cover old concrete or use it for completely new flooring. There are also various colors and styles to choose from. Because epoxy is fluid, we can easily cover nooks and crannies. With other types of flooring, such as tiles, you need to cut the material to fit unique shapes precisely.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Oceanside

Over the years, we’ve served the Oceanside community by providing high-quality epoxy solutions.


We understand the community's needs.


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We strive to keep to give the best rates in the state because we want you to enjoy high-quality flooring without worrying about finances.

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All of our projects are covered by a lifetime warranty because we’re confident of our work.

epoxy garage floors Offer Durability

Acrylic or latex floor paint is popular because it’s cheap. However, floor paints don’t last long and cannot provide sufficient protection, especially in heavy-duty areas. 

Some people use a concrete sealer. However, the effectiveness of this product depends on its quality. Furthermore, a sealer doesn’t usually give a decorate upgrade.

The durability of epoxy flooring types is almost the same. Plus, you have more freedom when it comes to aesthetics.

If you’re convinced that epoxy flooring is a worthy investment, contact Epoxy Garage Flooring Oceanside now.

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