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Understanding epoxy floor coating

Many people confuse epoxy coating with epoxy flooring. It’s important to understand that they are made of the same components, and their difference is only the thickness. It is already considered epoxy flooring if the thickness is over 2mm.

Our professional technicians will identify whether you need flooring or coating made of epoxy.


Epoxy coating is a blend of resin and hardener. Once applied on a porous surface (such as concrete), a chemical reaction happens, causing the coating to bond with the surface and solidify. The result is a smooth and durable surface that doesn’t absorb liquids, which means it won’t stain or warp. 


Don’t worry about the downtime because epoxy is simply poured and spread over the substrate. The installation is generally fast and easy. For fast-track projects, consider a vapor barrier epoxy for faster curing time.

epoxy floor coating

Replacing the old and dull floors in your home or office may cause remarkable changes. A more appealing flooring system can boost the morale of your household or staff, which can result in increased productivity. 

Moreover, it can create a positive impression with guests or clients. 

But before anything, there are a few questions to answer: What type of flooring material to use? How much is the budget? What are the activities in these spaces? What are your priorities? 

Fortunately, the epoxy coating provides a solution to the most common flooring needs.

Epoxy coating can be applied over an existing substrate (e.g., concrete) to cover cracks, scratches, stains, and other imperfections. It is resistant to high traffic, extreme temperatures, and chemicals—making it ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Of course, the substrate must be in good condition first. 

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All of our projects are covered by a lifetime warranty because we’re confident of our work.

How Long Does epoxy floor coating Last?

When appropriately installed, epoxy coating lasts for years. It doesn’t get damaged easily, unlike tiles, wood, and other floor coverings. You don’t have to worry about dropping a few tools on the floor because epoxy is scratch-resistant. 


Our team would ask about the volume of traffic and the type of work done on the area to recommend the best epoxy solution. For heavy-duty applications, we may add quartz, fiberglass, and other materials to increase the coating’s tensile strength.

Epoxy coating is also low maintenance. Because it is nonporous, you don’t have to worry about liquids sitting on top of it for hours. The smooth surface also means effortless sweeping or vacuuming.

Choosing the Right Epoxy Installer Matters

Do-it-yourself installation may sound appealing. But if you want to enjoy the maximum lifespan of an investment, it’s best to hire an epoxy specialist to do it. 

By hiring a professional installer, you can be guaranteed that it will be completed correctly the first time. Coating a floor with epoxy may look easy, but plenty of complexities must be considered along the way. Typically, the work of a professional epoxy installer is covered by a warranty. So, if you encounter any issue after installation, you can call them to fix it.

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